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9 Dec 2020    By Poul Madsen           

The world is facing major problems with dwindling resources and ever piling waste. It seems that politicians simply are unwilling to put a foot down and instead steer countries, companies and consumers in a sustainable direction.

This blog takes a look at the EU directive on circular economy. It also a looks at additional options....


Molten Salt CSP

25 Nov 2019    By Poul Madsen           

The achilles heel for Renewables has for decades been the question of how to store energy. Wind turbines and solar panels have long proven their worth when it comes to power production, however none of these have managed to provide the final solution of how to deliver electricity when the wind is calm and the sun is gone for the night.

In this blog we take a look at Molten Salt in combination with Concentrating Solar Panels and what appears like a promising solution...



17 Jun 2019    By Poul Madsen           

Once vast forests covered much of the Earth, but for thousands of years humans have chopped down trees. Due to increased desertification, loss of animal habitat and climate change, many countries, organizations and individuals are now trying to turn the tide by planting trees - according to the medias.

But is anybody doing something to prevent further deforestation - and if so WHO?


Recycling Plastic

27 May 2019    By Poul Madsen           

Made of Plastic - today, everything seem to be made of plastic. It's even wrapped in plastic. And a great part of it ends up in nature if not landfills. It's probably not good for the environment and will affect future generations. Is recycling the obvious answer - or reducing as environmentalists would prefer? So, what can be done to avoid our excessive waste of plastic?

In this blog we've made a list of companies who have done something. We wish to support these entrepeneurs.


Wave Power - status

30 Jan 2019    By Poul Madsen           

Years ago, just after the turn of the century, wave power was seen as a promising technology with a bright future. A great number of wave power projects was launched. But 10 years later, lots of projects have been swallowed by the waves. This blog looks at a some of the projects which have actually made it to the grid.



This blog surfs news from the web from those who take action and provide solutions. Rather than getting depressed by reading about environmental devastation, it's more encouraging to focus on our options.

It is our responsibility to show respect to the surroundings and leave a sustainable world for the future. People have a choice. Animals don't. But make it easy for people to make changes.

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