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Finglas East, Dublin, May 2016

As our contribution to the commemoration of the 1916 Rising was now completed, we found ourselves busy packing. Old Bamse had won a weekend stay at Dornoch Castle way up in Scotland, wow! We would be cruising the Scottish highlands and some of the islands including the spiritual island Iona, wow!
Boy, was Bamse excited as we were packing our suitcases, wow wow!
Roger was excited too, however, as the commemoration was over, Roger was also a bit sad as he hung up his 1916 rebel commandant uniform.
"Ah, well..." he pondered, "time to move on; time for new adventures..."

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Map of Scotland

Check out the map of Scotland to follow our pawsteps...

Cairngorms, Dornoch & Caithness, May 2016

First, we went from Dublin to Dornoch Castle and all the way up to the most north easternly point of Scotland, John O'Groats.

Check out how we went to Dornoch Castle and John O'Groats...

The Great Glen, Mull & Iona, May 2016

Second, we went from Dornoch Castle along the Great Glen to Iona on the west coast. Before we headed back to Ireland we cruised more of the glens...

Check out how we went to The Great Glen, Mull and Iona...

Check out our video from the highlands.

Check out the map of Scotland

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